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Bachelor for a Week

The dogs may or may not have been humping each other moments before this picture was taken.

The dogs may or may not have been humping each other moments before this picture was taken.

What do I do on a Friday night when my wife is out of town?  I crawl into bed at 8:30pm.  I know how to party.  In my defense I was up at 4am yesterday to fly to New Orleans for a meeting, and I got up at 5am today to walk the dogs before I left for work.

I don’t really have a good reason to be wearing compression socks right now, other than it’s cold and I wanted to put on some socks.  I guess I could just turn up the thermostat, but that would require getting out of bed.  The compression socks were in my nightstand drawer (not entirely sure why).  Plus, wearing them makes me feel like I’m recovering from my 12 miles this evening, and mentally preparing me to run 20 tomorrow.  At least 20 is the plan.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow. My wife’s been gone most of the week, and she’s coming back tomorrow evening.  Which means that sometime tomorrow I should take care of the mountain of dishes in the sink and all over the counter.  I’m pretty sure I put at least one thing in the dishwasher on Wednesday, but I know for certain that I haven’t opened it since.  Not sure why.

We’re hoping that this Christmas turns out to be a little bit better than last year.  I left for Dallas on December 26th, and we spent Christmas packing up the last boxes and loading up the moving container.  We sat on the floor of an empty house, and at frozen microwave dinners, which weren’t very good.  Somewhat depressing of a holiday last year.  We hope to redeem it this year.  It’ll just be us and the dogs – our little family.  Our little Christmas tree is rather barren this year, by choice.  Having my wife home tomorrow, and spending the holidays with her will be present enough.


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