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Random Thoughts


Random thoughts, in bullet-point form, because that’s how I roll.

  • When I went to the doctor to get stitched up from the bike accident, no one there asked me if I had been wearing a helmet, despite the obvious fact that I had hit at least one part of my head on concrete (my face).
  • I sent some photos of my battle wounds from the accident to a couple of cyclists at work.  They, in turn, sent me photos from some of their accidents.  I instantly felt less pain from my wounds when I saw a photo of what a chainring can do to someone’s head.
  • Even though I know it’s not healthy, I’m an emotional eater.  I haven’t been feeling great lately, which means I’ve been eating more than I should be.  It’s starting to show.  When it starts to show, I feel even less great, which leads me to eat more, which shows even more.  I think you can see the pattern.  It needs to stop.
  • I’m thinking of joining a triathlon club in the new year.  It’s relatively cheap (works out to about $10/month), and they have multiple group workouts in my area each week (which actually fit my schedule).  I’ve never done a triathlon, and the swim portion scares the shit out of me.  If I start hanging out with triathletes though, I’m pretty sure I’ll be signed up for an Ironman in no time.  Not sure if that’s good or bad.  An Ironman is on my list of things to do someday.
  • I wonder what’s more difficult, an Ironman or running 100 miles?
  • I set up our treadmill yesterday.  It hasn’t been used since the move to Texas (one year), and I don’t remember when I actually used it before we moved.  I lasted maybe 20 minutes on it last night before I got bored.  I was even watching a video on my laptop for entertainment.
  • My wife is out of town.  Life is better when she’s around.
  • We used to make our own Christmas cards every year.  It’s been a few years since we’ve done one though.  I’m not entirely sure why we stopped making them, other than it took a decent amount of time for us to put them together.  People used to tell us that they looked forward to them.  Here’s one of my favourites – might have been from 2007, although I can’t quite remember.  I still miss Abe (the big dog), even though it’s been years since he passed away.  Still hard to go through photos of him – it is impossible to explain how deep his soul was.

    One of our old Christmas cards.

    One of our old Christmas cards.  Don’t try too hard to sound out “Nik-ulth” as it’s how my last name would sound if I was saying it with my tongue stuck to a pole.  



  1. Ha- that’s an awesome card! You guys should definitely go back to making them!
    I can’t believe how cheap it would be to join a tri club. I say go for it- what do you have to lose?!
    I also think it would be harder to run 100 miles just because in an Ironman you switch it up.

  2. Beaver T says:

    Favorite random thought: “My wife’s out of town. Life is better when she’s around.”

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