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My First Bike Crash

Cleaned up: Eight stitches, a swollen cheek, some road rash on my chin and shoulder, and a cut on my nose.

Cleaned up: Eight stitches, a swollen cheek, some road rash on my chin and shoulder, and a cut on my nose.

It was bound to happen sometime.  I crashed on my commute to work this morning. Ended up with eight stitches on my chin, some road rash on my face/shoulder, and not a whole lot else.  I think my bike is fine – I road it home, but I haven’t actually looked at it yet.

My morning commute is before sunrise, and I so I was riding with my little headlight on.  I was coming up to an intersection, and even though I had right-of-way I always look to make sure that some dip-sh*t isn’t going to hit me (I’ve had enough close calls to know that me having right-of-way doesn’t matter when there are more important things for a driver to worry about, like that text message they need to send).  Anyways, so I look to the right, and the next thing I know I’m flipping over the front wheel and going face-first into the road.  Evidently, a vehicle had knocked a street sign over, and the pole was across my travel path about 12″ off the ground.  Didn’t see it coming.

I was only a couple of miles from home, so I got up, brushed myself off, and headed back home (the bike was still rideable, although I haven’t really looked at the damage yet).  Since I was dripping blood from my face, I figured I needed to get cleaned up, rather than keep going to work.  When I got home, my wife helped clean me up some, and I waited until an Urgent Care place opened up (I didn’t want to go to a hospital ER for this, and pay through the roof for a few stitches).  Eight stitches, some antibiotics, and a prescription for vicodin later, I was on may way back home (seriously, if people need vicodin to cope with the relatively low-level of pain that I was in, our world has issues).

I was supposed to catch a flight to New Orleans for a quick meeting this morning, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen.  I work for a great company that understands that things happen sometimes, and that work isn’t the only part of life that matters.  So today I’ll just sit at home, and hope that the swelling goes down some so that I’m not as embarrassed to show my face in public tomorrow.



  1. I always remind myself that it could have been worse! Heal fast!

  2. As a child I cycled into a lamp post, I’d walked past or cycled past it every day of my life, that day something distracted me and bam!

    Hope your bike is ok, oh and that you heal quickly too.

  3. Yikes- that doesn’t look good! I’m glad it was “only” a sign on the ground instead of a vehicle.
    Take care!

  4. Ezra says:

    Glad to see you’re doing well after that crash. Good to get the first one out of the way(hope someone’s taken care of that sign post!). Awesome to work for an understanding company as well.

    Hope you and your bike heal up fast!

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