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A Vegan Thanksgiving


Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

I feel a little spoiled that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year.  Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October, and my wife always makes sure that we do something special that day even though we’re 1100 miles (1770km) away from the Homeland.  I hope all of my Canadian friends and family enjoyed their “Thursday” yesterday, while I enjoyed my second Thanksgiving of the year (and two days off of work).

Thanksgiving revolves around food, and being vegan eliminates the majority of the usual dinner plate items.  That doesn’t stop my wife from cooking up a storm though.  Everything was delicious, although I am partial to dessert and to mashed potatoes.  I used to go to my Grandma’s house for lunch when I was in high school (unlike schools here in the US, none of the schools I went to had a cafeteria or forced kids to stay at school during lunch).  She always had mashed potatoes at lunch, no matter what the other food was.  Spaghetti and mashed potatoes.  Sandwiches and mashed potatoes.  It’s hard to eat mashed potatoes today, 15 years later, and not be reminded of her kitchen.  And so yesterday, among many other things, I was thankful for my grandma.

It didn’t matter that we didn’t have turkey (or tofurky), I still managed to stuff myself into a food-induced coma.   It was such a beautiful day here that we ate our Thanksgiving feast outside and I nearly fell asleep in my chair afterwards.  My kind of Thanksgiving.


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