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A Generous Co-worker


The shoes don't actually glow as much as it looks like in this photo. But they are distractingly white.

Monday morning, a guy in my building (whom I’ve met twice, he’s in a different department) gave me a pair of $300 Mavic cycling shoes and an old pair of Look pedals. The shoes were very minimally used, and he handed them to me in the original box. For those who don’t know, these shoes basically click onto the pedals, like a ski binding onto skis.

15 years ago, I had a bike with SPD clipless pedals, but all of my bikes since have just had toe clips. I knew that there would be a learning curve to getting in and out of the pedals without tipping over, so I spent some time in the backyard playing around. My wife seemed to think it was pretty funny, since she would just hear “Oh shit!” immediately followed by the sound of me falling over.

Eventually I got the hang of it, and haven’t had any instances of tipping over at an intersection. Yet. The guy who gave them to me probably should have included a waiver for me to sign.


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  1. happytrigirl says:

    What a nice co-worker!! 🙂

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