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Going Carless…


…but not by choice.

Calling the tow truck

My wife had just left the house when I got a phone call saying that our vehicle had died, and she was on the side of the road.  I was nearing the end of putting together my new bike (another post), and so I quickly finished enough to make it rideable, loaded some tools into a backpack, and headed out to meet her.

The problem was nothing I could fix on the side of the road, and so we called AAA to come and tow the vehicle home.  We purchased this vehicle earlier this year, and have had nothing but problems with it ever since (had the transmission rebuilt, replaced the alternator, replaced shocks, …)   It is completely dead right now, and I’m not sure it’s worth repairing.

So for now, we are going carless.  Unfortunately though, where we live isn’t exactly conducive to going completely carless.  We’ll make it work though, at least until we figure out the car situation.


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  1. We went from car heavy to car light a while back. Things were a little wacky until we got a good schedule down and at least 2 backup plans!! Good luck!!

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