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Picking Up The Pace


7 miles, 6:54/mile avg pace

I’m not sure if it’s the drop in temperature, or if it’s because I haven’t commuted by bike the past three days (longer story), but my lunch runs have been going really well this week.

When I’m not out of town, I use my lunch break to run four or five miles, and I typically don’t decide on a pace ahead of time. If I feel good, I run faster. If I feel sluggish, I take it easy. All of my runs this week have averaged under 7min/mile. Tuesday I sandwiched a sub-20 5k in the middle of my run. I thought that I’d have to take it easy the next day, but my body wanted to go fast again. Today I was feeling so good that I tacked a couple of extra miles on.

I don’t think I’ve been giving much consideration to how much energy I use commuting 20 miles a day on the bike, since it’s become so routine. I highly doubt I’ll be running this fast next week, when I get back on the bike. But for now, I’ll take it. Feels good to run fast again.


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